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After Dinner Lotto Adult Game

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How to Play the After Dinner Lotto Adult Game

This fun activity will help your guest stay alive even after dinner.

What you need:

  • Lottery Slips
  • Players
  • Pieces of paper with numbers from 1 - 30

Adults Playing After Dinner Lotto Adult Game

How to play:

  • Write numbers from 1 to 30 in a little pieces of paper.
  • Ask your guests to fill in a lottery slip, ticking six numbers each between 1 to 30.
  • Ask them to write their name on the lottery so that they will be able to claim their prize later.
  • Draw six numbers and announce to everyone.
  • Everyone will get very excited, but they have no idea that instead of winning fantastic fortunes, they will win forfeits!
  • If they have all six numbers that were drawn, they'll have to perform six forfeits.

Who wins:

  • The player who have no correct number wins.

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