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Anagram Adult Party Game

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How to Play the Anagram Adult Party Game

Everyone will definitely enjoy while decoding the appropriate words, of course it should make sense or this game will give you a tough luck.

What you need:

  • Players
  • Flashcards with words written

How to Play the Anagram Adult Party Game

How to play:

  • Gather all the players and ask them to sit in circle.
  • Raise the flashcard and ask them to decode the words or create an appropriate statement using the letters from the words.
  • Make sure they used the letter only once.
  • Example:

                Desperation - A rope ends it

                A decimal point - I'm a dot in place

                Dormitory - Dirty Room

  • Each appropriate words/sentence will have a corresponding point.

Who wins:

  • The player who gets the most number of points wins.

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