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Artist Among Us Adult Game

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How to Play the Artist Among Us Adult Game

This is a cute and mindless exercise for your guest where they get to know each other even better.

What you need:

  • Unlined pieces of paper
  • Pencils

How to play:

  • Give each player an unlined piece of paper and a pencil.
  • Inform everyone that you will turn off the light and they will draw a self-portrait when the light is off.
  • When everyone is done, turn the lights on and collect the drawings.
  • Hold each portrait up and let the players match the names and faces of the guest in the party.
  • Just an advice, never let your players lean on your coffee tables during the game because they might miss the paper and will result to scribbles all over the furniture.

Adults Playing Artist Among Us Game

Who wins:

  • The player to guess the most number of faces and names will win the prize.

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