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Citrus Bowls Adult Game

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How to Play the Citrus Bowls Adult Game

A great version of bowls, perfect to be played in the party, or during winter and summer.

What you need:

  • enough space to play
  • players from 2 to 8
  • 2 oranges and 1 lemon per player
  • a dice

Adults Playing Citrus Bowls Adult Game

How to play:

  • Divide the players into two teams.
  • Throw the dice for the highest number to see who will go first.
  • Each player should mark the peel of their oranges and lemons with their initial or any other symbol so they can be recognised later.
  • The first player will roll the dice across the floor, then takes their first orange and attempts to roll it so it will end up as close to the dice as possible.
  • The other players take it in turn to do the same with their own fruit.
  • In the last round, everyone has to roll a lemon following an unpredictable route across the carpet!

Who wins:

  • The player whose citrus fruit all end up closest to the dice wins.

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