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Coin Curling Adult Game

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How to Play Coin Curling Adult Game

This fun activity make you forget the Winter Olympics. The real battle is on the kitchen table!

What you need:

  • four coins per player
  • four or six players
  • paper
  • marker pen

Adults Playing Coin Curling Adult Game

What to do:

  • In a large piece of paper, mark out your target, draw around three layers of circle.
  • Mark a starting point, in line with the dotted line, at a distance of about 50 cm from the target.
  • The game is played in series of knock-out, with at least two players competing at a time.
  • The first pair will start first.
  • The first player will flip their two coins from the starting point towards the target.
  • Then, the second player will flip their two coins again aiming towards the target while trying to dislodge any high-scoring coins of their opponents.
  • Both players will complete the round with their other two coins.
  • The pair who managed to flick their coins exactly on the target will score a number of points.

Who Wins:

  • The pair who has the most number of pints wins.

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