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Doctor's Scrawl Adult Game

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How to Play the Doctor's Scrawl Adult Game

This is a game where your guest will be engaged in a conversation with the other guest in the room. This will allow them to get to know each other. This is a fun and exciting activity!

What you need:

  • Brown paper bag
  • Pens

How to play:

  • Each guest must put a brown paper bag over the hand they use in writing.
  • Then they will need to ask other players to autograph their bag.
  • Obviously, other players will also need to have their writing hands covered so that they must sign their John Hancock with the wrong hand.
  • At the end, most penmanship is barely legible and players will have trouble reading it, which will prompt them to ask other players what they just wrote and therefore engaging your players to a conversation.

How to Play the Doctor's Scrawl Adult Game

Who wins:

  • The player who gets all the players’ signature will win the game.

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