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Four letter words Adult Game

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How to Play the Four letter words Adult Game

This game help your guests to mix and mingle, it's so easy to play. In this game, each player will be given a letter as they arrive, they have to mingle with others to create an exciting word. The word should be in four letters. In can be so much fun, the player should find three other letters to create a combination.

What you need :

  • As many players as possible
  • Sheet of paper
  • Safety pins

How to play :

  • Before the party starts, prepare sheets of paper and write down one large letter on each sheet.
  • Try to think of a four letter word, you may also try to include unusual or rude words.
  • As your guests arrive, pin a letter on each one randomly. Ask them to combine their letter with three other people and create an interesting word. Set a time limit, so you know when to stop.

Adults Playing Four letter words Game

Who wins :

  • When the time is up, each group should come in front and present their word. Everyone can be a judge and can give points. The group who has the most number of points, wins.

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