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Heads or Tails Adult Game

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How to Play Heads or Tails Adult Game

A great magic trick to be enjoyed by everyone at the party.

What you need:

  • 6 large coins
  • blindfold
  • audience

Adults Playing Heads or Tails Adult Game

How to play:

  • Ask your audience to arrange the six coins in a circle on the table showing the heads and tails in different combination.
  • Without trying to make it more obvious, count the number of tails that are showing, much better if you could memorize it.
  • Ask to be blindfolded, then leave the table and say you don't want to hear the coins being turned over.
  • Ask your audience to turn over as many coins as they can, as long as they turn two at a time.
  • Once they're done, go back to the table and place your hand on the coin of their choice.
  • Take off your blindfold and tell them whether the concealed coin has heads or tails showing.
  • You may try to remember whether the coin has an odd or an even number of tails showing when you left the room.
  • Ask one person from the audience to take your blindfold off.
  • Check if the visible coins show an odd or an even number of tails.
  • If both answers are the same, then the covered coin is heads; if they are different, then it is tails.
  • You may try to convince your audience that you really know the answer, by repeating the trick as many times as possible!

Who wins:

  • No particular winner for this game, but the fun it brings can provide unforgettable experience.

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