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Hunters and Animals Adult Party Game

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How to Play the Hunters and Animals Adult Party Game

Either you bend, jump or roll whatever technique you used, make sure you play the game well!

What you need:

  • Players
  • Rubber Balls

How to play:

  • Gather all players and ask them to form into two teams the "hunters" and the "animals"
  • Give the rubber balls to the "hunters".
  • The "hunters" will hit the "animals" with the rubber balls.
  • The "animal" will catch the ball and place it in the safe zone.
  • When an "animal" is hit, he/she is out.
  • When the ball is catch the "hunter" is out.

Hunter and Animal

Who wins:

  • When all the balls are catch the "animals" wins.
  • When all the "animals" are hit, the "hunters" wins.

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