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I Love My Love Adult Game

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How to Play I Love My Love Adult Game

This may not be simple as it sounds but this game is played at speed. Some words used for this game may not seem to come to mind so it may put you on the spot.

What you need:

  • Eight players or more

Adults Playing I Love My Love Adult Game

How to play:

  • Ask the players to sit in circle.
  • The first player will start by saying "I love my love because he/she is...", and then completes the phrase with an adjective and adverb that starts with "a", for example, I love my love because she is amazingly adorable".
  • The next player will continue with letter "b" and so on.
  • You can add more fun and excitement on the game by allowing rude or nasty expressions or make it difficult by starting with letter "z".
  • If a player will stuck and could not think of a word to say, he/she is out of the game.

Who wins:

  • The last person to stay in the game wins.

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