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Identity Crisis Adult Game

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How to Play the Identity Crisis Adult Game

This great guessing game provide long hours of fun among your guests.

What you need:

  • Headbands or ribbons for every player
  • Identity cards, should have the same size with playing cards (prepared in advance)
  • Pen
  • Six or more players

How to Play the Identity Crisis Adult Game

How to play:

  • Before the party starts, prepare some identity cards with the name of famous person written on it.
  • Ask each guest to tie a headband or ribbon around their head.
  • Ask them to pick one identity card but make sure they do not read the name on it.
  • Ask your guest to stick the card behind their headband so that all the other players can read it.
  • Everyone will start to guess their own identity by asking questions from the other players.
  • One person starts asking questions like "Am I a singer? Am I dead or alive? Am I fat?"
  • Once their question has been answered, the next player will ask question of everyone else and so on.

Who Wins:

  • The first player to guess their identity wins.

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