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Kiss of Death Adult Game

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How to Play Kiss of Death Adult Game

For some great adult party game ideas, Kiss of Death is one of the all-time classic party games enjoyed by everyone. This game is very entertaining and full of suspense.

What you need :

  • 10 players or more
  • "Victim" and "Killer" cards (prepared in advance)

How To Play :

  • Before the party starts prepare one card that says "Killer" and as many cards as your guests, each with the word "Victim"
    Each person should draw a card, without revealing their identity.
  • As the party continues and while everyone is having fun, they have no idea that one of them is the killer.
  • The Killer will get a contact with one of the guests and blow the "kiss of death" The kiss can kill in five seconds.
  • After five seconds of counting, the victim will declare himself or herself "killed".

Adults Playing Kiss of Death Game

Who Wins :

  • All victims have to try to stay alive while trying to figure out who the killer is. Once they have the idea who it is, they have to declare " I accuse Mark or Rey or whoever they have identified, while of course avoiding contact with the killer's eyes.
  • The accused must show their card, if the card says "Killer", the killer lost the game. If not the game continues.

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