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Mum's the Word Adult Game

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How to Play Mum's the Word Adult Game

This will be a fun activity for everyone during a gathering and special occasion.

What you need:

  • Players

How to play:

  • Start this game in designating one guest as IT.
  • This IT leaves the room. The rest of the players select a forbidden word that is very common. For example the word “pretty”.
  • The IT comes back into the room.
  • He listens to the players taking turns saying the word “mum”. Like “Katie is a mum lady”. “The flowers look mum” and etc.
  • The IT will then guess the word in a given timeframe.
  • When the IT’s guess is correct, he will choose the next IT.

Adult Playing Mum's the Word Game

Who wins:

  • No particular winner however you can also set up your own rules like the IT that did not guess the correct answer 3 times will be eliminated.

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