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My Next Lover Adult Game

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How to Play My Next Lover Adult Game

This fun activity is more of a puzzle than a game, but it provide long hours of laughter while keeping your guests guessing for a while.

What you need:

  • Any number of players

Adults Playing My Next Lover Adult Game

How to play:

  • Start the game by describing one guest in the room as your next lover, for example "my next lover has brown eyes, curly hair and so on".
  • The other guest will guess who you are referring to. They have to add more description such as "my next lover wears a blue wedge".
  • Your guest may not be able to realize right away that you are not describing one particular person however you're just using the code "My next lover to describe the the person to your right or to your left.
  • This can be more fun and exciting, making your guests wonder what's going on.
  • The first player has to tell the second speaker whether his/her description is correct or not, then the third player will continue and so on.
  • Once a player has "got it", they should just carry on playing, obviously now making accurate statements.

Who wins:

  • No particular winner for this game, if there's only one player left who still doesn't have a clue about who is being described, just put them out of their misery. Explain the code!

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