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Passionate Paperclips Adult Game

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How to Play Passionate Paperclips Adult Game

This activity is more of a magic trick rather than a game, but the amusement it brings provide long hours of fun among your guests.

What you need:

  • A small piece of card, an old playing card perhaps
  • Two large paperclips
  • Players

Playing Passionate Paperclips Adult Game

How to play:

  • Ask your guests to sit down and relax while watching you perform a trick.
  • Tell them that all paperclips are wildly passionate by nature and if you're not looking they will go into sizzling embrace.
  • Attach the paper clips to the card, about 2.5 cm apart.
  • Show both sides of the card to your gets to show that there's nothing unusual in it.
  • Fold the right-hand side of the card under the left clip.
  • Turn the card around and repeat which should leave the card folded as a "Z".
  • Straighten clips if necessary especially if they have moved around the corner, then tug sharply at the ends of the card.
  • The clips will shoot in the air and everyone may get amused when they joined together as they land.

Who wins:

  • No particular winner for this game, just extraordinary entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

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