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How to Play the Penny Pinchers Adult Game

Most 40 year old has a penny jar at some place or another. In this game, a person will have a great way to redistribute those pennies to his friends’ pockets.

What you need:

  • Lots of pennies, depending on the number of guest you will have.
  • Small bags for the pennies.

How to play:

  • When the guest walks in the door, give each one a bag containing ten pennies each.
  • In this game the players must empty their bags as quickly as possible.
  • The players must introduce themselves and shake hands to every person in the room.
  • Then, give a penny to every eighth person whose hand they shake.
  • Obviously, each player will be shaking hands with the same person over and over again but it will be in different sequence.
  • The player who discards a penny will also get one since; he in return shakes also other guest’s “eighth handshake”.
  • The game will get silly very quickly because players will be extending their hands fast as they could to empty their bags!

Adults Playing Penny Pinchers

Who wins:

  • The winner will be the player who first discards all his pennies or in the other way around, the player who has the most pennies will win.

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