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Risque Charades Party Game

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How to Play Risque Charades Party Game

This is a fun game for everyone during a party.

What you need:

  • Pens
  • Small sheets of paper
  • Timer
  • Bowl

How to play:

  • Before the party prepare some phrases on a sheet of paper and put it in a bowl.

Here samples of phrases:

  • Man hiding in ladies room
  • Crotchless Panties
  • Whipped Cream
  • Teenage boy unhooking bra
  • A wet dream
  • Impatient newlyweds
  • Peeping tom in girl’s school
  • Skinny Dipping
  • Edible Underwear
  • Guys at bachelor party
  • How was I?
  • Doggie position
  • Obscene phone call
  • A tease
  • Wet kiss
  • Sex on a sandy beach
  • Belly dancer
  • Sex Maniac
  • Sex in the backseat
  • Talk Dirty to me
  • Horny Frankenstein
  • D-cup in a B-cup bra
  • Tear away panties
  • Playing doctor

Adults Playing Risque Charades Game

Gather a group of friends and divide the group into two teams.

The first team will pick a phrase and whisper or writes it to one of the other team’s member.

That team member will then become an “Actor “and must not show nor tell the phrase to his or her teammates.

The actor must act using a portrayal and his or her teammates must guess the phrase on a limited timeframe.

Who wins:

  • The team who has the most correct answers will win the game.

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