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Roundtable Revenge Adult Game

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How to Play the Roundtable Revenge Adult Game

This might be silly as it sound but this game provide long hours of laughter among your guests.

What you need:

  • Eight or more players

Adults Playing Roundtable Revenge Adult Game

How to play:

  • Ask the players to sit around the table.
  • The player who lose in the previous game will go underneath the table. He/she can do whatever he/she wants with the other players.
  • He/She can either take off the shoes of the other players, tickle them in the knees, tie two shoelaces together or anything goes.
  • The players should remain straight face while staring their opposite players. If they giggle or laugh they should have to pay a forfeit.

Who wins:

  • The last player to stay in the table wins.

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