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Scrutiny Adult Game

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How to Play the Scrutiny Adult Game

This game will help your guests to know more about each other well. They have the chance to scrutinised each one very closely.

What you need:

  • Any number of players
  • Number of small objects (same number as players)

How to play:

  • Give a piece of small object to each guest as they arrive.
  • The guest should hide the object to their person as tight as they can.
  • The guest will start to mix and mingle with each other, they may all start talking, drinking and eating.
  • As the party ends, the host will ask the guest to gather and write down all the objects that they spotted. This can be more difficult if your guest carry a small object in their body such as hair clips, bracelet or handkerchief.

Adults Playing Scrutiny Game

Who wins:

  • The list of objects was given and every correct identification earns a point, while every wrong identified object loses a point. The player who has the most number of points wins.

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