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Smellathon Adult Game

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How to Play the Smellathon Adult Game

Most people donít have an idea what alcohol they drink in a party. However, some may recognise the difference between the gin and scotch, but not the difference between Black Johnny Walker and the red one.

What you need:

  • Different liquors and party drinks

How to play:

  • Start by lining up 10 to 15 shot glasses full of liquors.
  • Let you guest identify what kind of drinks they choose.
  • Inform the guest that no tasting is allowed and they will need to rely on their sense of smell only.
  • However if your guest is having a hard time identifying the liquors, you could change the rule by letting everyone put a drop at the tip of the tongue.

Adults Playing Smellathon Game

Who wins:

  • The guest to have the most correct answer will be the winner and the reward is to finish his or her favorite drink.

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