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Story Teller Game

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How to Play the Story Teller Game

This will be an exciting thinking game and your guest will enjoy creating their own story out from their imagination.

What you need?

  • Different objects
  • Bags

What to do?

  • Divide the guest into groups consist of four or six members.
  • Give each group a bag full of different objects.
  • The general rule of the game is for each group to create a story that is related to all the five objects together on a certain timeframe.
  • You can give each group two minutes to prepare.
  • Appoint a panel of judges who will decide which is the best group.
  • You can have criteria for judging like creativity, humor, originality and etc.

Adults Playing Story Teller Game

Who wins?

  • The best group will win the game and get the chance to go first to the dessert buffet.

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