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Think and Drink Adult Game

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How to Play the Think and Drink Adult Game

In this game you will be using cards but not to gamble but to get your guest into party mood.

What you need:

  • Playing cards
  • A small glass of beer or wine for each player
  • Four or more players

How to Play:

  • Remove cards with value 2 to 7 from the pack of cards. Put a glass full of beer or wine in the middle of the table intended for each player.
  • Circle the remaining card around the glasses and face down. Each player will turn over the card from the circle to learn what they need to do.
  • Ace – For first, second and third times that the ace was expose there is no action needed but if it’s the fourth they must take all drinks on the table.
  • King – the player will drink one glass
  • Queen – the player who has the least to drink will be given one glass
  • Jack – every player will take a drink from their glass once but they must not drink all content.
  • 10,9,8 – the participants will think of a word association

Adults playing think and drink game

Who wins:

  • When the first number has been turned over, the player will give a word on his mind like “school”. By the time the second number has been turned over the player will give the word associated to the first word given. Let say “teachers” The answer must be given quickly, if he is hesitant or repeat the word previously answered or has no answer at all, he must take all the drinks in the table.

Variation on the Game:

  • You can make this game more exciting and daring by changing the things that they need to do like:
  • Ace – snug a person opposite
  • King – remove an item of their clothing
  • Queen – remove an item of another person’s clothing
  • Jack – strip to your underwear
  • 9 – Put them back on
  • 10 – Allow other players to put them back on
  • 8 – Strip to the waist
  • You may interchange depending on your mood.

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