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Yuck! Adult Game

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How to Play Yuck! Adult Game

This game is somewhat deals with serving dainty finger sandwiches or escargot. Your guests will have fun with it.

What you need:

  • Tasting spoon (This can found in most Ice Cream Shoppe’s.)
  • Baby food

Adults Playing Yuck Game

How to play:

  • Remove the labels of the baby food, around 10 to 15 jars.
  • Put a code in each jar so that you can identify the contents.
  • Put a tasting spoon in the jars and place the jar in a tray.
  • Let your guest dip the tasting spoon into the jar and taste the contents.
  • Let your guest guess the food they taste.

Who wins:

  • The guest who has the most correct answer will win the game.

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