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Fiddle Faddle Adult Game

How to Play the Fiddle Faddle Adult Game

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As the name itself, this is a pretty silly game. This may help you to get a part time job like at McDonald’s. All players may respond by telling their nonsense answer to a group. Everyone will have a good laugh.

What you need:

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pen

How to play:

  • Before the party begin. Prepare a set of questions and commands.
  • Read it to the guests and let them write their answers in a piece of paper.

Here are some sample questions for your guests, you could ask them to write down:

  • A number between 1 and 200
  • Yes, no or maybe
  • The best job in the world
  • The worst job in the world
  • An amount of money
  • The names of three notorious celebrities
  • A number between 2 and 90

When the guest is finish writing. Reveal that the questions that they are filling out are an application to work in a fast food chain.

Adults Playing Fiddle Faddle Game

Read the real questions of the “application”. Read it in order like this:

  • What’s your age?
  • Are you female?
  • What job do you hold now?
  • What salary do require?
  • Who are your references?
  • How many children do you have?

While revealing the real questions, guest can respond by telling the crowd their nonsensical answers and everyone will be laughing about each guest’s answers.

Who wins:

  • No specific winner on this game however the organiser can modify the rules like the guest who have the most correct answer will win the game.

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