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Poke and Pop Adult Game

Poke and Pop Game is rated 3.5 out of 5 based on 13 votes.

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How to Play Poke and Pop Adult Game

Popping a balloon can be more fun, but this is not just an ordinary balloon popping game. The difference is, you have to pop the balloon without using your hands. It's difficult right? but you will know better once you play this game, be ready with your strategies and bring home the prize.

What you need :

  • A room free of breakable objects
  • As many players as possible
  • One balloon and a length of string per player

How to play :

  • Prepare a room cleared with breakable objects.
  • Give each guest a balloon and a length of string. Ask them to inflate their balloons and then tie it round one ankle, using the string.
  • As the game begins, everyone has to pop the other guests balloons using only one elbow.
  • Players may have to get on their hands and knees in order to reach the balloons with their elbows. Once your balloon has been popped, you are out.

Adults Playing Poke and Pop Game

Who wins :

  • To hold onto your balloon you may have to hop, skip and jump or crawl away from your attackers, you must be prepared with a strategic moves. The winner is the last person who has their balloon intact and around their ankle.

Variations on the game:

  • Blind Balloons. You may try to blindfold each player and give them a rolled up newspaper to pop the balloons with.
  • Balloon Teams. Divide your guests into two teams and give each team balloons of the same color. You have to pop all the balloons of the other teams while trying to avoid your own being popped.
  • All Against One. Players whose balloon has been popped will work together in popping the balloons of others who survived. The chance of the remaining players to win will be lesser.

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