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Stocking Stuffer Adult Game

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How to Play the Stocking Stuffer Adult Game

This will be an exciting guessing activity for your guest.

What you need?

  • Any kind of object like rubber ball
  • paper clips
  • pen cap
  • pack of gum
  • balled up tissue
  • pencil eraser
  • key chain
  • plastic fork
  • bar of soap and etc.
  • Large sock
  • Pens
  • Sheet of Papers

What to do?

  • Before the party begins, fill a large sock with any kinds of objects.
  • Pass the socks around and let your guest feel what is inside the sock.
  • Provide each guest a piece of paper and a pen and they will write down as many objects they can remember.

Adults Playing Stocking Stuffer Game

Who wins?

  • The guest who has the most correct guesses will win the game.

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